A Fair Economy – Clean Nature



In a fair economy poverty is eliminated. Small income takers are taxed moderately and polluters more severely. Taxation favours fair trade and clean, healthy food. Clean technology, like intelligent transport systems and small wind power stations bring 30.000 new jobs.

BETTER FLOW IN FAMILIES’ EVERYDAY LIFE. Parental leave is flexibly divided between the parents. Part-time work is supported while the child is under school-age. The Basic income system brings security to entrepreneurs and temporarily employed as well as for those with fragmented jobs. In public services the main focus needs to be on prevention rather than corrective measures. Compromises regarding the quality of education and child day-care are not accepted.

CLEAN NATURE and recreation areas are available in every residential area. The green belt surrounding the metropolitan area from Sipoonkorpi to Nuuksio and Porkkala is preserved. Porkkala will be given the status of a national park.
Forests, swamps and the Baltic Sea are protected.

COMMUTING will become quick and clean, when a comprehensive railway network is built for the whole district of Uusimaa: Länsimetro (the Western Subway), Pisara-rata (the “Drop-Railway”), railways to Lohja, Nummela and Östersundom. The railway westwards along the coastline and the Hanko-Hyvinkää railway are utilized more efficiently.

Tiina Elo syksyllä 2014


  • 44 years,
  • Master of Science in Agriculture and Forestry
  • environmental expert,
  • employed as 1st vice-chairperson in the City Council of Espoo
  • 13 years of experience as an opinion-leader: municipal economy, urban planning, environmental issues.
  • An avid bicyclist and a fair trade activist
  • Family: a daughter in high school and an ornithologist husband.



For 13 years I have been active in matters concerning municipal economy, urban planning and the environment.

  • I have called for openness in decision-making, I have had documents made public, and I have increased the inhabitants’ possibilities to influence matters.
  • I have defended small local libraries and schools.
  • I have demanded that schools and day-care-centres with indoor-air problems are rapidly repaired, are provided with safe intermediate premises, and that all stakeholders are informed in an open manner
  • I have defended local nature and ecological connections, I have opposed the nibbling of Espoo’s Central Park, I have protected the bird-swamp in Suomenoja in Espoo, and demanded local forest-areas for the inhabitants.
  • I have demanded zero-tolerance for the grey economy.
  • I have demanded moderately-priced housing and more rental-flats.
  • I have taken the initiative to formulate principles for high-rise buildings.
  • I have demanded moderate pricing for public transport ticketing and better east-west direction public transport in the capital region
  • I have promoted bicycling
  • I have promoted fair trade and participated in making Espoo a Fair Trade City.