A Fair Economy – Clean Nature


This is what I aim for

This is the third time I am a candidate in the parliament-election, because I want to keep our planet viable and its nature rich also for the coming generations. The climate-change must be restricted and our unique nature protected. In addition to a good environment I want to secure the maintenance of our welfare-society. High-quality education is an investment for the future. A sustainable future requires sustainable decisions.

A sustainable future requires sustainable decisions

The differences in availability of health-services must be lowered and poverty must be decreased. People should get support when changes in the working-life occur. Elderly people should get good care. We must carry global responsibility through an increase of development-cooperation. Natural resources must be exploited in a wise way, and consumption steered in a direction that burdens the environment less.

High-quality education is an investment for the future

Equal and high-quality education from pre-school-age to universities is a fundamental pillar for our welfare-society. We must secure sufficient teacher- and other personnel-resources for pre-school- and further education. We must also guarantee that the premises are healthy and safe. We shall offer support for those that need it. All youths shall be guaranteed a place in second-grade education.

Finland as a forerunner in the fight against climate-change

The warming of the climate can still be limited to the critical 1,5 degrees. We shall make Finland a carbon-neutral country in the 2030’s. The use of charcoal, peat and fuel-oil must stop during the 2020’s and the use of natural gas in the 2030’s. Rail-traffic must be increased and public transportation improved. We shall turn the solution of the climate-crisis into a competitive advantage, into new innovations and jobs.

Our unique nature must be preserved for the next generations

The carbon absorption of forests and soil must be increased. Valuable forests, wetlands and waterways must be protected. Neighbourhood-nature must remain as a source of recreation. One third of Finland’s species live in forests. To save them it is imperative that the protected areas are increased, especially in southern Finland. The program aiming at protecting wetlands must finally be implemented. The use of peat as a source of energy must be decreased during the next decade.


Education, work and commission of trust

I am an expert in environmental issues, an experienced decision–maker in the community, and an active participant in organisations. I work part-time as 1st vice-president in the City Counsel in Espoo, my home-town. My main job is that of Chief for Communal Matters in The Green Party.

Family and hobbies

My family consists of my husband and my daughter, who studies gymnastic sciences in Jyväskylä. In my free time I am an active jogger, and I cycle the year around. I love forest-nature, and enjoy the weekends at our cottage. I am a vegan and am happy for the new domestic vegetarian alternatives found on the shelves in the food-markets. I enjoy culture and reading. One of my favourite authors is Haruki Murakami.